More pics on the MUni web pages

I’ve been sent some rather impressive pictures of some french people on
unicycles. They’re on the MUni web pages at:

The MTT Sensations flyer they sent will be put there, just as soon as I get it


Re: 24 or 26?

John J Lee <> writes:

>I’m thinking of getting another uni. Should I get a 24 or a 26 inch wheel (I’ve
>got a 20 inch wheel at the moment)? I can’t quite imagine riding on the street
>with a 26’, although in some ways I suppose it would be easier, with all that
>extra inertia to get you over bumps. Any thoughts//experiences?


If you are planning on doing any racing at official meets, you will need a 24"
wheel (unless you want to use your 20" :slight_smile: ). If you don’t care about racing,
but just want to use a unicycle for travelling, I would get the 26", or even get
a 28". I use a 28" Semcycle for all of my road riding, and it works great. I
only use my 24" uni for tricks (I don’t have a 20" anymore) and for racing.


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