More photos of the South Island New Zealand unicycle tour

I uploaded Ken’s photos (hopefully he doesn’t care =] ) to my gallery, along with some of my photos from the SINZ tour. Check out the pics:


my pics:

Ken had like 4 gigs of pics, so I had to cut down a lot and I am sure that the pics I uploaded have more of me in them instead of weighing it evenly, but there definitely are a lot of group shots and shots of everyone.

I would LOVE to look through these, but it’s was really really slow earlier this morning. Now, it’s just throwing errors:

Warning: mysql_connect(): Too many connections in /home/enhansan/public_html/gallery/lib/adodb/drivers/ on line 348

I recommend


Yeah, it usually goes fast. For some reason this morning (before I posted this thread) it was going slow. I don’t know about the errors, I put gallery2 on my own webspace ( and pretty much used the default settings. Maybe there is a limit on how many people can view a certain page at once, I will have to look into that.

I would just recommend trying at a later time. I would upload these to another website, but only if I can export it really easily. I wanted to start putting photos on my own webserver so that I can easily back up the database and set my own rules, but obviously there are downsides to that.

I just tried now, and it seemed to be working, but still going slow. (not any slower than before I posted this thread though, so Im sure my provider is just going slow).

I am getting the same error now, so I will contact the host to look into that as well as the performance.

It appears to be working smoothly now.

Also, here are all the videos I uploaded from the tour:

The newest is a vid ken took showing some nice scenery then I come along down a hill.

Great shots! Although, I’m a bit curious. What sort of crank sizes were you guys running? Was there an overall preferred length for this type of hilly riding or was it just totally personal preference and everyone ran something different?

Or for any of the large uni tours? Where do you make a balance in crank length when your journey is both long and hilly?

Nice photos James :slight_smile:
Almost wish I was back riding again.

Brian…the terrain on tour was variable…from the flat but extremely windy Central Otago Rail Trail, to the West (Wet) Coast, which was also fairly flat. There were a couple of hills- from Queenstown to Wanaka and also going over Arthurs Pass back towards Chch. And of course, the hilliest bit was in Dunedin when we went up the World Steepest Street.

I think most people used somewhere in the range of 110-150mm cranks. I used 114mm for the whole trip. The was one Schlumpf 36" on tour (belonging to Hans, who alas no longer has it). On a couple of passes people stopped to swap their cranks for longer ones. There are heaps of crank length Coker threads. Have a look on the search.

There a few issues with the website but we are working on it. If any other SINZ riders have albums I’ll link it from the website.



Spectacular. Thanks for sharing all the great shots. The site worked fine for me, and was reasonably fast.

I will continue to kick myself that I did not quit my job and leave my family to go on this tour. Thanks to all for the great documentation, so I could least join vicariously.


Great, thanks Ken, I hope your leg is doing well after the Laos incident!

I used 125s for almost everything, I think they are the most versatile length for cokers. As Ken said, before 2 mountain passes that we knew were going to be really steep and long(Crown Range and Arthurs Pass) most riders stopped at the base and swapped cranks to a longer size. For me (and most riders), I switched to 150s for the climb up those two. For the mountain passes that weren’t as long, I just dealt with the 125s.

I used 150s for everything on the Schlumpf, mainly in 45" gear except on the massive uphills (Arthur’s Pass etc.)

I’d maybe use 125s if I could be bothered with changing cranks, but I like the 150s, on road and off road in one crank size. 125s are rubbish for any interesting muni riding.

If I’d been riding my coker, I’d have ridden 110s, cos I never bother changing the cranks on that either. I don’t find it reduces what you can ride that much, you still come off at about the point where it’s faster to walk anyway.



You should post some of those panoramic shots you took online somewhere. I’d love to see them.

Am uploading some at mo.

Will be at once they’re up

Attached is a picture of us having lunch after Arthur’s Pass



Pictures are up now,

I tried to take a picture of everyone riding on the last day. Some of them didn’t come out, but I seem to have completely missed taking a picture of Tony and Roger, I think they were so slow, they never got anywhere near my camera.


Sure is beautiful there… especially compared to our soggy cold weather here.
Looks like you make good time.
I like the sheep, and the panoramas… and the wind clip.
Thanks for posting those.