More on unicycling terminology

Hi uni-friends,

I am cc’ng this to the mailing list because I want to get you involved in
terminology problems. I’ll soon (famous last words) post a list of proposed
unicycling terms and hope to have input form you all in our attempt to produce
the world’s one and only unicycling glossary (eventually dictionary).

Ken Fuch wrote:

|> First of all, Jack, please send us your current version of unicycling
|> terminology in different languages. I’m very interested in seeing your
|> translations to Japanese.

See above.

Jack Halpern wrote:
> Ken, your suggestion to use katakana transcriptions is totally unsuitable –
> it would be meaningless to most Japanese. Most terms are a mixture of kana and
> kanji, like “taiya-nori” for walking the wheel.
|> I don’t entirely remember the context of my suggestion. However, I may have
|> been suggesting katakana for Japanese who would find english in roman
|> characters to be completely foreign. This is assuming one would want to stick
|> with the english terms, forcing people in other languages to use them. How is
|> this handled in other international sports? Do they use certified
|> translations of terms and their definitions rather than use the terms of just
|> one language and the certified translations of the definitions in all
|> languages of interest?

I don’t know about other sports, but I will propose a lexicogrpahically sound
policy, and will ask for everyone’s comments. We’ll then proceed with the nitty
gritty of compiling.

Ken, I am not dealing with your questions on Japanese terminology, since it’s
not of general interest. We can do that between us…

Stay on top

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