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> John Foss wrote: Aside from the recordkeeping problem, the main disadvantage
> of this otherwise good idea is that it changes the meaning of the levels. To
> say you are level 5, using the above system, another rider would then have
> to ask you what skills you can and what skills you cannot do. Riders from
> widely different geographic areas would not have an easy way to compare
> their skill levels.
> That is why I didn’t push this idea any farther with the committee.

I understand your point, but I will mention that the skill level only indicates
a minimum competency, not the actual set of skills that I rider has. I’m a level
3 rider, but I can idle both sides with one foot or two, ride backwards, ride
one footed, and ride with the seat out front. I could probably ride backwards in
a circle without much trouble, but I haven’t bothered to do so because it is a
level 5 skill, and I figured I’ll worry about it later after wheel walking.


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