More news on Defect :) Woohoo!!!

Just had a look at Syko and there is an update for when Defect is coming out!!!

Woohoo… And anyone know who’s the sponsorsed person??? Any ideas or rumours???

What exactly will they be sponsored with? Tshirts? Videos?

If you’re only getting tshirts and videos, that isn’t exactly a sponsor. Hopefully Dan has connections to other stuff though.

That’s awesome! I’ve been checking every so often for something like that, it must have been updated real recently.

It won’t let me delete this nothing-post…

plz plz plz I love defect even more I love my ass

Maxis, thanks for sharing, I guess.

You must really love Defect then, haha.

I know who the sponsered rider is…But I can’t say who he or she is.

I know too haha

The funny thing is that im serious.

I could guess…

Well go ahead then.

me too I know ike 2 guys that r in defect…

Sick, I just read that yesterday, i’m so curious, i’d love any information if anyone knows of anything. That person’s lucky. oh man, oh well. laters.

-Shaun Johanneson

dude shaun… its u u moron :stuck_out_tongue:

No its not…Shaun is a good rider but thats not the sponsered person…

Let me say it again…I bet yall wonder who he or SHE is.

Oh comon, Its Zack Or Mike.

how bout dan him self ?

Dan sponsoring himself, that’d be cool, but WAY to anticlimatic. lol. What a joke that would be. lol. oh well. laters

-Shaun Johanneson

p.s. thanks for the good rider comment. I appreciate that. thanks.

Haha, yeah sponsoring yourself wouldn’t really be a sponser. If it is, then I guess I’m sponsered, haha. My sponsor bought me about 6 unicycles and is thinking about buying me two more! Haha.