More newbie questions

Even though I’m not good yet I seem to be addicted. I plan on buying a better unicycle come summer time and I’ve had a few suggestions from people on here. I do have some questions though. I bought my club 24 from and was very happy with the transaction. Every time I look for dealers they seem to be the only ones here in America. Am I missing some other dealers? What’s the major differences between the Nimbus brand and the KH ones? I noticed is out of stock on some that I’d be interested in is this common? What should I ask or look at when buying used? Sorry again for questions that are probably common sense to most.

Hi Djphelan01, (UDC) is the biggest retailer available in the US (and 100% focused on unicycling). You can also shop at Compulsion Cycles or Renegade Juggling but these are shops for other disciplines and they also sell uni (like having a local bike store selling few unicycles).

Nimbus is the brand produced by UDC and is targetting the “affordable but strong” market segment. You have solid uni at a good price. KH is a Canadian brand named after the pro rider and that is targetting high-end segment. Parts are usually lighter while still as strong (or stronger) and other nice touches on parts. Both are nice and it will boil down to preferences (aluminum vs steel, weight vs price…).

Usually the new products are available in spring and as UDC does not have much stock, they can be out of stock either until next delivery or until the new version is available. That is when usually people start shopping on foreign shop like Canada ( & Goudurix), UK ( Germany ( or France (

And for buying used, first things is pictures (except if you can go and see it). After that, it boils down to what you are looking for and comparing specs with what you can buy new with the same amount of money.

I hope I answered a bit your questions grab bag :wink:

Thanks for the quick reply, it was very helpful.

Having a couple tools with you, when checking out a used unicycle, is helpful. If anything on the unicycle is particularly loose, that could be a bad sign. A pedal wrench is useful for first checking the tightness of the pedals, then removing the pedals and checking the condition of the threading inside the cranks. If you don’t own them already, get a set of metric hex wrenches. If the previous owner has put anything on backwards, that could be a bad sign. I wouldn’t bother with any setup which doesn’t have an ISIS hub.

My advice is to keep riding on your 24" club. Take it off road, go on a long ride, learn a few mounts, practice idling; these varied activities will help you decide what kind of riding you are drawn to, and, thus, what will be the first of the next three unicycles you’ll be buying.

Keep riding!

FYI. UDC Canada is not I made that mistake once when sending an email.

You’re right Vertigo. I made a typo and it was after the 10min edit window. Good catch ! :slight_smile: