More Muni in Scotland

Nice vid, and great scenery.
I’d love to do some muni in the highlands some day, I’m 1/4 Scottish by heritage.

You are welcome any time :smiley:

Nice ride mate, you’re sooo lucky to be living in Scotland! I’m stuck down on the pretty much flat lands of lincolnshire.
Your video answered one of my main questions though. It is possible to carry a reasonable size back pack while unicycling (what size/weight is it?)
Once i get fully into the whole municycle scene (i have a lot to buy) it’d be great to join you on a ride sometime :slight_smile:

The pack itself was about 4kg, mainly spare clothing… its a must hill walking here all year round as the weather is very changeable … the only real problem was the extra windage… if it hadnt been windy it wouldnt have been a problem :slight_smile:

So camping equipment, hammock, cooking gear etc, would be outta the question?
Gonna hit the hay now so i’ll post again tomorrow.
G’nite, James.

Forgot to say… it was a 65litre pack :smiley:

Ah i was looking at getting a 60+10ltr pack…Thing is when i get out properly on a uni i wanna spend a few days travelling…

Aye… just watch the saddle sore!!! :smiley:

Thanks for posting the video Alan. I enjoyed watching, it made me smile :slight_smile: Good patient camera work too.

Ah i know abaout saddle soreness…I’ve been riding a learner 20" for about 3 or 4 years now and on a normal day i’d say i ride 10 mile total…Killer
I’ve read that chamois butt’r helps a lot tho?

Saddle sore

Yup… I have butter on order :slight_smile:

In the meantime I have been using my wifes face cream :slight_smile: … she is not happy about it!! :smiley:

Fogot to say…10 miles on a 20"!!! thats nuts… get a bigger one!!! 29 is good for distance but you can also do some muni on it :slight_smile:

Great Vid! And yes, you are lucky to live in Scotland! So am I! :wink:
Would be nice to meet up for a ride sometime. It is a bit of a drive from Aberdeen, but that can be done for a nice muni week-end!


Yeah i know, some days i do more :sunglasses:
I’ve got a 36 coming soon and can’t wait to get out on it!
Also i’ll be getting a muni when i can afford it.

I’ve been to Aberdeen a few times. My dad used to be head chef on board the St.Claire P&O ferry travelling from Aberdeen to the Shetland Islands. We went ever new year for about 4 years :slight_smile:

Now there’s 2 scottish people here i have to ask…Have any of you heard of tablet??


Yup Tablet… thats real food for unicyclists!!!..20" to 36" … thats a big jump!! :wink:

Certainly is but i’m a fast learner :sunglasses:
Anyway the reason i ask about tablet is i’ve become pretty much obsessed with it the past few of weeks! I must make 2 or 3 batches a week! :astonished:


Your dentist will be a rich man!!! :astonished: