more movies!

I am compiling a CD to the HPV community here in Sweden (HPV meaning
Human Powered Vehicles). It will mostly deal with recumbent bicycles,
but since I have recently been bitten by the uni bug I’d like to squeeze
some good muni- and trials movies into the collection.

I have tried to surf the gallery at but the thing is big
and the search engine slow. I need some urls from where I can download
Quicktime movies that are ok to be spread around.

Golden Chicken

I have a good free movie that I’ll post next week…so your patience will be rewarded

I got one very low quality 20 second video clip for you.
Send me a pm and i can mail it to you.

Oh and it´s not really 20, maybe like 5 sec.

There are three videos here that are 40, 50, and 75sec in length and reasonable quality at 320x240. They’re of natural trials.


Re: more movies!

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I like your rocky movies Andrew! But I need the movies to be in
Quicktime 320 x 240 in order to fit on the CD-ROM.