More movies and today's muni session...

In another thread I’ve mentioned my goals for the next few weeks (before returning to school), one of which is riding all the way down ‘No. 9’ on Mt. Cootha. This has actually been my biggest unicycling goal for quite some time and I first dreamed of it almost a year ago when I was still really new to unicycling. I’m still aiming to ride all the way down without stopping (which will be tough) but today I rode each part of it! It was so much fun, but I can see how I could benefit from 170mm cranks and a brake. I think I’ll just have to build up some leg muscle to compensate.

I went out riding with a mountain biking friend of mine and we worked on No. 9 for a while. Then on our way home (luckily not too far) we happened to meet Gary on his muni. So, we headed back up No. 9 and across to Jelly Bean. I did some things there that I hadn’t tried before and Gary rode heaps of new stuff. We had a great time and I got heaps of videos from today’s ride. I’ll make a little movie tonight and post a link to it.

On No. 9, when I fell off, I’d have to run about 10m down the hill before I could stop. I had a really, really good day!

I made a little 1 and a half minute video of my first northshore ride. It’s here.

I’ll put the photos in my albums shortly, but until then, this one’s for Erin :wink: (sorry).


Ya’all need DivX50 to run the film. I tried and I got a prompt that stated DIVX50 compressor not found.

Not bad. Looks like a lot of fun.

Thanks Andrew… can’t have too many pic’s of fit and skilled uni guys… yeah, yeah, I know… truth is I haven’t had my quota of quad pic’s yet this month yet!:smiley: