More movie info...


Main riders:
Intro song shot (just like a second or two long)
Intro part shot (Some length of time lol)
Any natural shots

I want four part excluding my own, friends part, falls, and intro. This can be done with 8 half riders, 12 thirds, or 4 main parts. Or any combo. Please I would appreciate any body who can get a good minute together of footage, any style. As long as the camera can produce good quality of good size. And if anybody has some falls that are nasty and unseen I’ld love to use them. I’m willing to push back deadline more if needed. 9/30 is the current deadline, but i’d love to have footage to work with early. Thanks for your time.

-Shaun Johanneson

Looks like it’ll take a little longer with me, our video camera got held back in the service store and I won’t get it untill next week. Sorry about that.

I’m still having rib trouble so I’ll just film flatland.


I would have liked to participate, but i won’t have any camera available until october…


Well, I’m going to a horse show tommorow at the fair grounds, and I planned to do some filming there. my camera quality probly is far from what you want, but if I get any really good falls or something, I’ll send them to you. should we all just PM them to you?

By the way, you just want raw footage right? no editing done?

You can e-mail them to

Edited to just show just the part where you fall if it’s good, (a few secords before and after) and the tricks or runs you landed.

-Shaun Johanneson

Hey shaun did you get my stuff? I keep trying to send it to your email but it doesnt say it was sent or anything, just stays the same screen.

hi shaun. my camera broke :angry: :angry: :angry:

but i still got a few clips to email you. ill have them ready once you email me back answering my question


The filming is going well and I’m starting to get stuff in from people. I’m really excited about some of the footage. It looks like i’m stretchy the time out more for myself, all the other riders of coarse, and one music source. It looks like a lot of the riders will have half (grouped) parts. This is really cool to me and I hope no one minds. The list of riders is looking really good.

-Shaun Johanneson

Hey Shaun I’ll have our camera wedsday night this time and should be able to send you some stuff I already have on tape then, and film stuff thursday/friday.

Don’t rush yourself man, you have time, another week has been added, lol. Since I want really good footage from everyone, and don’t want anyone to be rushed. Beginning of october, and trailer should be released shortly.

-Shaun Johanneson

um, can I send you natural trials stuff?


Yeah you can send some natural trials stuff. Remember try for zero hops. lol.

I’m almost done with filming for my part. I have little footage from other people though. I’m going to be filming two guys from here next week and the end of this week with little footage of me (after today I might be done). So please get out there, get good footage, and send it to me. I need something to do next week other than pick up a few clips here and there. Please.

-Shaun Johanneson

ARRRGG, the stupid Best Buy people still don’t have our video camera ready, and they don’t know when it will be done. It was supposed to be done 2 weeks ago.

Pretty bad service. :frowning: Sorry about that.

Somethings fishey with the capture device to get the tape onto the computer. I already have a few bails on the computer; I will try to get the rest on tonight. Hopefully you’ll have my clips in a couple of days. I didn’t really biff like I thought I would, which is good for me but bad for you!:smiley: :smiley: There are a few pretty good ones though.

did you get my clips? are you finished with it? can i still send new stuff?

Send all you can! lol. Good falls are good, i rolled my ankle today, lol, it sucks.

-Shaun Johanneson

The thing that sucks is the day before we shot the footage is that I rolled my ankle really bad, I could barely walk on it for about 5 minuites, and then it just kind of tapered off. I iced it as soon as I rolled it, and it turned out OK, but it was still really tender. I think I was rideing a little conservative so that I wouldn’t hurt it again.

Shaun, I got all the footage I needed off of my camera. I will edit and e-mail them hopefully tommorow. I might also include some footage of me just riding and not bailing, it sound like you need some clips. Use them if you want, if not that’s fine too.

Yo, yeah send out anything when you have it man.

I’m waiting on the rest of Kaori’s stuff before i’ll call everything as footage. My parts is basically finished i’m only about 30 seconds short. I hope that some of my guys are getting out there and getting some goods. (Dan H, Ryan A, Alex T) I’ll be filming some other people today, and I have work on friday, but my part should be finished by this weekend. So all next week I’ll be editing, I need intro song name introduction shots from people, i’ve started editing the intro song. Get the goods, i’m out laters.

-Shaun Johanneson