More milestones....

Whew…what a week. First of all, I got my first “are you joining the circus” today…found it rather amusing at the time, though I’m sure it will now begin to wear on me.

Managed to ride a good 100’ on my own and am finally getting that controlled arm flailing thing down…yesterday I even managed two freemounts! Attributing most of my success today to the fact that I quit smoking (after 15 years) on Sunday and my stamina has increased so that I can practice a lot longer. So much more fun now that I’m not panting and wheezing.

Oh yeah and thanks to everyone who gave me advice on how to fix that clicking sound, it was a loose crank. So is it wise to check and tighten cranks before you go ride or better to wait until you hear a sound like that? Is there any other basic maintenance I should be doing to keep my Torker in good shape?


Some advice

Yeah i do have some advice. I have a Torker and i learned one thing. Dont do anything stupid. When you get good enough, get a better uni. And i speak with experience, i just tacoed my rim today.

Ouch…what were you doing at the time? Big drop??
I don’t see myself going too far past just riding the dang thing for awhile. Bad knees too so not planning on getting into too much rugged Muni stuff or hops and drops etc. Sorry to hear about your misfortune (and the Torker’s).

Re: More milestones…


Great job quitting smoking. I quit 7 1/2 weeks ago and despite the fact that I’ve put on weight (watch out for that) my stamina, too, has increased tremendously. I started at 14 and am now, well, reverse the digits.

Freemounting is also a fine achievement. This ability gives you a lot more freedom in that you don’t have to worry about where you are when you dismount either deliberately or accidentally. You can get right back on.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ


We’ll just say that i was doing something that might push the limits of my uni. ( Two stair gap) I mean i had done it before with no problems! I dont know what happened. Oh well new uni in the mail. I really didnt want to trash that one though. I liked Clarisse.

Yeah, I’ve had some problems with breaking my uni too. Did a three foot drop, twisted my crank and slightly tacoed my rim. I’m not going to buy a new one just yet, because I’m waiting for the new Norco MUni to come out, but I definitely could use it now. Can’t wait to hit some hard core trails on the North Shore.

i have a 24" torker and within 3 months the cranks were shot. the retaining nut wouldnt stay on and the crank kept falling off. i could tighten in and within 100’ it would fall off again. it all started with a clicking. i now run bike cranks and havent had a problem yet. my torker has taken quite a beating. I ride off road and do gaps, stairs and drops with it. I do worry about trashing the rim sometimes( usually while in the air) but no bad luck yet. If it goes then it’s just an excuse to get a new on.(like i need and excuse. I would suggest tightening the cranks before every ride and possibly even have a wrench or whatever with you on the ride. If you can afford it get new cranks.

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