more letchworth

more skinnies, a bigger and steeper stairset than last time and some night riding

it’s in two parts

unfortunately i don’t think the quality after i’ve uploaded it is as good as what i have on my computer.



hope you enjoy…

Nice work AJ, just watched part 1. Them be some mighty steep stairs!!

Looking forward to meeting you at BUC

The 1st was awesome +++, the second sucked royally.

I see you haven’t contributed anything to the video forum, so you can’t really go around saying stuff like that!

Its very difficult to make videos that everyone will enjoy. Have a bit of self control next time, and try not to be so blunt.
“I like the first half.” would have been fine!

Nice vid A. Keep them coming, I liked that huge stairset! I love your editing style man!

Rock on!

safe- i appreciate the support from everyone- sorry i couldn’t get the lighting for the last section and that it wasn’t as enjoyable as the first part.

i wanted to include the 30 hour readathon because i found it really surreal.


yeah, looking forward to meeting u at BUC norry :)!

i’m trying to get as close to if not land 360 unispins for MK, despite snapping my seatpost. also i’m working on flatlandy sort of stuff til’ my trials is back on the road.

i don’t really wanna post any new vids until i have new material- not just places, but tricks.

see u soon edd!

peace out:p

Well when I come out with a vid, speak your mind. I’d rather have people say it “sucks royally” than say it’s good when they don’t mean it.

I actually really enjoyed the first vid, it was top notch!
But the second half was dark, shaky and well, sucked…

Didn’t mean to be so blunt, but I’m a blunt guy who speaks his mind.

don’t worry:)

serious man, i appreciate your candour- thanks for explaining why you didn’t like it. :):slight_smile: