More Joaquin Miller MUni, 4/9/06

Keith Frankie (featured in Nick Brazzi’s “Blood, Sweat, and Wheels” movie from the 2003 Moab MUniFest) came up to visit this weekend, so we got together a nice MUni ride in Redwood and Joaquin Miller Parks in Oakland. Things got off to a bit of a rocky start when the bearings on my right pedal (Wellgo) on my loaner MUni fell off in the parking lot. I suppose that’s better than the trail. We zipped back down the hill to the closest bike store and picked up a set of cheap platforms, and off we were.

This past month has been ridiculously rainy in the Bay Area, and the trails were all pretty soft and muddy. But the two featured trails in Joaquin Miller, Cinderella and Chaparral, both tend to stay pretty rideable when they’re wet, so aside from the odd dismount due to mud bogs or slideouts, we did just fine. We’ve finally gotten enough sun that some of the plants are starting to bloom; Chaparral, in particular, is gorgeous at this time of year. There were a couple of big biffs, as we all were encouraging each other to try stuff that was a little beyond us, but no serious injuries.

Now that things are green, the photos are really pretty.

Nice shots…thanks for sharing. Looks like it was a great day on the trails. I would have liked to try those steps/drops on cinderella and chaparral, although with all that blooming, I would have been ingesting equal parts Claritin and Gatorade.

They are both really fun trails, and Chaparral is hard enough to be a project for many years. (I cleaned it for the first time after I got back from Moab this year, after riding it dozens of times). If you find an excuse to be in the Bay Area, let me know and we’ll put together a ride.

That first shot with the yellow buds is beautiful! Looks like a nice trail. I hope you are putting the pedal guards on your new pedals. :wink:

Looks like a blast, but where are Corbin’s pink panties??


sometimes he wears them UNDER his bike shorts :wink:

I need to steal some more from Louise. :wink: