More hopping height needed.

I can hop pretty well sideways and not to bad forward but I suck when it comes to getting decent height. Know any learning progressions that might help?


i’d say seat-out-front hopping. it allows you to bring the uni up higher, because your body doesn’t get in the way, but if your not quite at that stage, try hopping once, only a few inches (moving toward whatever you’re trying to hop up) and then you push down into the ground, to compress your tire, then spring up towards your goal. this allows you to hop about 20 inches, but much higher and you need seat out front or rolling hops.

Hope that helps.


Erin, you’re awsome! You’ve been asking all the questions that i want awnsers too, but i don’t have to go through the work of setting up a post! thanks!

I could use some tips too. :wink:
I jump like an old lady.

more tips eh?
i could tell you them right now, but i’m going to eat pizza, so try the muniac site:

if you have any question i’ll answer them, but now i’m hungry.
hope that helps,


That worked great I just went out to try it and it felt like i got a good 5" extra on a few jumps. the only drwback was when i landed i tended to fall back alot making my jumps 25% less successful but i bet it will pass with practice.

When I jump sideways on my Unistar, sometimes I notice that my tire seems to collapse. I’m assuming this is a bad thing. It only happens when I hop sideways.

Will this result in a pinched tube?
Is there something that I am doing wrong, or do I just need more air in my tire?
Would a new tire help? I have the one the Unistar came with.

all you realy need to do is pump it up a little bit until it the rim doesen’t hit the ground.
it will most likley cause flats eventualy.

freestyle tyres should be run fairly high pressure, especialy thin 1.95 ones like the one on the unistar.

freestyle tyres generaly have a single sidewall, trials tyres tend to have a double sidewall so that they can run at lower pressure without getting pinch flats.

if you were looking for an excuse to get a new tyre then you might consider a maxxis max daddy tyre, i belive they come in 20x1.95. they are a bit more like a trials tyre. and have a good gripp surface like the monty. you can most probably get them from your local bike shop because there what everyone and his dog uses for bmx racing. but they still aren’t as good as a regular monty or onza.