More Coker Handle Questions.

Alright, so here’s the deal. I want the A T 7 handle. I have the standard issue KH seat post. I would like to know all the parts I will need in order to get this handle to work. Posting the links would be much appreciated.

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You’ll require a rail type seatpost (bike style post) in the correct diameter to fit your frame.

I am assuming you mean one like this.

I was looking at this one. I am not exactly sure the diameter of the coker seat post tube.

I think it is something like 22.2 mm. Is this correct?


Yes a stock Coker is 22.2. A primo works nicely, and cheap too.

So is that all I will need for it? Just simply the primo post?


Hello World
Do you all think an AT7 would be worth it on my Nimbus 29er?


NO, the primo post does not fit to the T7. I ordered the Primo and neither of the adapters matched the spacing of the T7 rails. The post diameter is correct however. I’d get the KH rail post.

FMF make a lightweight and strong aluminium rail-type seatpost in 22.2mm diameter. Bedford unicycles is where I got mine. They also come in sexy carbon fibre!

Wierd, I woulkd have thought they’d make the spacing standard, but apparently not. The KH won’t fit, it works great on my nimbus frame but is too large a diametre for a coker frame. I’d go with tony’s advice.

Well, the Primo didn’t fit my T7 rails, maybe I could have forced it, but I didn’t. It is close to fitting, could be a tolerance problem. I haven’t tried another rail post adapter, since I ended up using a std bolted seat post.