More China Syndrome Miyata Seat Problems

We’ve purchased a small handful of the new Miyata seats for kids in our club over the last half year or so and we’ve got a couple in our inventory as well. We’ve been noticing that the stitching along the top seam were the colored piece meets the white piece somewhat in the middle is coming loose. I haven’t looked closely to see if the problem is disintegrating thread or loose knots or just what the problem is. All we know so far is that seams are opening up and we’re having to hand stitch them with upholstry thread. What a pain because the seat has to be completely disassembled to do the work. Looks like not only is the plastic handle cheaper but so is the fabric, stitching, and overall workmanship.

What a shame.


this is another thing i noticed that never seemed to get much play when i posted about it.

some 4 or 5 months ago when Harper sent me a red Miyata seat cover I noticed that the thickness of the fabric was way diminished compared to my old green seat cover.that red seat cover has been sewn together many times now.


i belive somewhere in my post about the cover that i said “whats next? The foam padding exploding?”

I think I will invest in another of the old Miyata saddles from I talked to the people there and they told me that they had 10 left which will probably be sold by Christmas. I’d better hurry.

Surely with all the complaints that people have made about the new seats (and rightfully so) Miyata would be losing customers and would want to reconsider the quality of their product. Has anyone heard anything about Miyata changing back to making them in Japan or anything like that?



I’ve noticed the same wear. To beat a dead horse, when trying to dismantle the seat, the plastic base plate will often strip so then the only way to take the bumpers off is to cut the bumper bolts off. Yes, the quality every component of this product should be revisitied. However, I can imagine the huge inventory that was created of what we are seeing now. With all the new uni-products coming out (incluidng new seats) this sounds like the death knell. I’ll try something else rather than going with a product I have experienced as inferior.