More Broken Equipment

Ok so I set a new record for myself

This weekend at the TOque Games I busted 2 sets of cranks and a seat post tube.

I think I managed to bend the 2nd set of cranks (no name 127’s) in like 3 hours max. I didnt do any hard landings not to roll outs and nothing over the height of the trunk of the junk car.

If anyone has a spare profile hub and cranks out there that they dont need PLEASE let me know.



I’m going to be buying a pair of 170 Profiles from Darren in the next couple of months – I could consider selling you my 145s. I was thinking I’d just keep them around until I bought a 20" trials, but that might be as far as a year away, so they’d just be collecting dust. I’ll only have ridden at most two months on them by the time I get the 170s (aiming for the end of March/middle of April), so I couldn’t give you too much of a discount :).

This of course all relies on your ability to get a Profile hub somewhere. If you think you might be interested, email, pm or post here and we can think about working something out.