More brake ?'s for Munis


I am finally considering puting brake bosses on my custom Muni frame. The only time I can see using the brake would be on long descents.

Los Angeles has nearby mountains and sometimes you have to climb up fire roads to access a trail head. The up doesn’t bother me so much as the descents down which can be lengthy or steep.

Anyone think it is worth it to have the Muni built with the brake for just this? I have some worn out knees that give me pain from time to time, but steep or long descents hurt.

My feeling is that I won’t use it all that often, but wonder if it is worth it to have when I really need it or just walk down.

I also have to figure in additional cost for welding on the bosses and for the brakes/lever/cable/wilder seat plate. Is it still worth it?

Next question:

To save some money, what about just buying some brakes through bike nashbar for around 30 USD to fit the bosses instead of going for the expensive Magura settup?

I have a 24" BFR rim which will hold a 3.0 GAZZ.

Then theres the Big CHEEse adapter - Anyone got a review of this over time?

Stuck in the maze again. :thinking:


i think its worth it.i think in the future most muni riders will have brakes. i cant wait for the day i get a brake on mine,my knees hurt from years of old school skateboarding,a brake sure would be helpful to them.

i dont think the big cheeze adapter will fit a 3.0 this is the only pic i’ve seen of one on a muni,maybe the owner of this can say how wide this tire is.

The owner might be matthewcraft. I happened to still have the old email notification in my inbox for an earlier brake question.

Here is the link for that thread.

Scroll down two posts and it’s there. I don’t know if the picture is from mathewcraft or not.

unfortunately, that original response doesn’t say what size tire he had. Probably the 2.6 gazz.

Work the maze.

its Leo white’s pic ,and it came from that thread.he say in his post that its a DMR the big cheese has yet to be seen i guess.

brake mounts

hey,i dont know if you know this or not but the Magura mounts like on the KH frames are available.

i just ordered two from today.with these you wont need a brake booster.