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ok so im gonna buy bearings. do i absolutely need a bearing extractor oris it possible to pull them off without it? also what is the difference between rubber and metal seadled(besides the obvious). Which do you recommend i buy? they are the same price.

PS one of my bearings is already off the seat. do i absolutely need to loctite it on?

I use a small soft (plastic or rubber) hammer and tap the bearing gently around the edges and they come off after a minute!

thansk ill try it. you mean around the circumference of the bearing right?

The metal sealed bearings have less rolling resistance than the rubber sealed bearings, but the metal sealed ones don’t seal dirt and water as well as the rubber sealed flavor.

Use rubber sealed bearings on a unicycle that you ride outdoors in the elements. Use metal sealed bearings on a freestyle unicycle that you primarily ride indoors.

If the bearing is tight on the hub you’re going to need a bearing puller. If the bearing is not so tight you may be able to tap it off using a hammer and some other tool or wedge. Just be careful not to damage the hub or the flange. Using a bearing puller is much much easier and is the recommened way to remove the bearing.

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>I use a small soft (plastic or rubber) hammer and tap the bearing gently
>around the edges and they come off after a minute!

The kind of bearings we speak of are not designed to take significant
lateral stress between the inner and outer race. It would be OK if you
tap the inner race (but how?), or if you tap real gently. But if it
doesn’t easily come off, a bearing puller is the way to go.

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I think that a bearing puller is well-worth the investment. I use mine often. The bearings often do not stay put and you have to make slight adjustments. Pounding on (or off) a bearing is often tough. I have damaged the flange of the hub trying to get a bearing off without a bearing puller. If the cost is a barrier to using a puller, barrow one from a bud or go in together to get one with other unicyclists in your area’s club. (Don’t have a club? Start one!) I think that tools are one of the best investments that you could ever make. I still use the tools that I got when I was 12 - 36 years ago. I assure you, that bearing puller that you are eyeing will out live you!