More Beach Riding

Yesterday we had a great ride on the beach near Santa Cruz California. I took my camera and got some shots and posted 16 of them here


cool! looks like fun.


What size wheel is Beau using? It looks huge!

Beau and Bruce are riding the Coker Deluxe.
Scot is riding a stock Coker (loaner from Megumi)
Megumi is riding a Yuni 28 with Big Apple - 29.25" in diameter
I am riding my Hunter36.

Cranks: Beau/Megumi 140, Scot/Bruce 152, Nathan 125.


And Megumi is riding. :slight_smile:

Nathan sorry for jacking your post but in older threads I read that you would go to sea otter each year. So will you be attending it this year?


Not planning to this year, but it’s just because there hasn’t been any interest and I’m busy training etc. Let’s take this to email - nathan at and we can discuss more.


I was out in California last week. I tied Beach riding after being inspired by your last post. All I can say is it isn’t easy. I was on a Summit 20" and my best was about 150 ft before hitting a soft spot and tumbling 10 feet. My wife got a good video of that.:smiley:

I am guessing either I was on the wrong tire for the task, or the sand is a little firmer in Santa Cruz. I was on the beach In Capistrano Beach. Just south of Dana Point Harbor. If you are familiar with the area I rode up Palisades Dr which empties into the beach parking lot. Cars struggle getting up the hill, but I pulled it off on the 20" with fresh legs. Later I tried it after riding for an hour, and only made it half way.

It would have been fun getting together with some of you while I was out there, but time was limited and too rushed as it was.

I think I said this before, but the trick to good beach riding is to check the tide table. You go out a little before low tide. This way the sand is at its hardest. And you want to choose a beach that is as flat as possible.

I don’t have that much experience riding on beaches, but I remember at Veracruz, Mexico it was awesome - perfectly ridable. In Santa Cruz, we occasionally (less than once per mile) hit a soft spot and crater, but generally, it’s full speed ahead.

About difficulty, yes it is certainly not as easy as riding on pavement. But any wide tire should work. The Coker and the Fat Apple and the 24x3 Gazz all are excellent.