MOre at Haldon Forest

We went to play in the woods again today. Found the botom of a number of down hill
single track trails, so we will be going back AGAIN to find the tops! We also found
some more sweet single track, One bit was well hiden, and involved venturing into a
very dark and mysterious bit of woodland, round the end of a fence and heading into
the gloom. We followed the trace of a trail as it wound down and around through
trees and over roots. At a junction we opted for the steep down hill and bombed
s=down till the trail leveld out and turned a corner, then followed a secton that
was relentless technicial single track riding. Finding the micro line as it went up
and down, with the path dropping off now on one side, now the other. This bit of the
forest had been clear cut so was full of stumps and bumps to catch the un-wary
it dived back into the gloom of the tall trees for a final blast before spitting us
out on the wrong side of a fence. Opps, maybe we weren’t surposed to be there! We
climbed over the fence and stopped for a chewy bar break admiring the Butterflies, I
think we were near the butterfly reserve. For the rest of our ride we serched for
more sweet single tack and didn’t find it. It looks like we have yet another trip
the woods to make, we have some inetresting leads to follow next time.

We only had one “looks like you’ve lost a wheel " comment all day, we were riding
close together and
I thoughly enjoyed replying with " NO, hes got it” as we rode on by.


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