More Alps Tour photos

The AUT* daily updates web pages have a total of about 450 of the 7000+ photos we took on the recent Alps Unicycle Tour. I’ve created a more condensed gallery of about 90 photos, a few from each day. There are captions, the photographer’s initials, and the first photo from each riding day has the distance information and a link to my GPS/heart rate/elevation profile data. I tried to mostly concentrate on my own photos, but ended up using more of other people’s images than my own, and at least one image from 11 of the 12 cameras in use. Thanks to everyone for taking such great shots and for generously sharing.

Here’s my condensed gallery - let me know what you think. Would you like to see videos? A gallery with lots more photos?

It’s hard to pick a favorite image from the trip but I think the one below that Ken Looi took on the Grosse Scheidegg pass of Beau and me riding off to Grindelwald is it. Thanks Ken. That was my favorite day of the tour and had 2348m of descent!


*The AUT (Alps Unicycle Tour) was a 19-day, 910km unicycle tour through the Alps in August, 2005. There were 10 unicyclists and we climbed over 13000m (nearly 44000’) in 15 riding days in 6 countries.


WOW! That looks like it was a fantastic trip. My desire to acquire a 36" wheel has increased significantly with every photo. I have yet another thing to add to my “list of things to do before i die or am too old”.

Awesome gallery…thanks for taking the time to post with captions, etc. Great range of photos that really highlights just how spectacular a tour you had.

Ken’s shot is by far one of the best Father/Son photos ever. Very cool that you two could ride the tour together.

My other favorite is the one of Andy Cotter, fully equipped with his Camel pack to ward off dehydration on the Putt-Putt course. You just can’t be to careful…

Re: More Alps Tour photos

That gallery does make it easier to go through the photos than on the update pages, and it’s cool to see some new ones. The one of you and Beau is great, but there are so many good ones I couldn’t pick a favorite.

Do you have any video of any of you on the steep climbs? I would love to see what stance, grip, cadence and other techniques you guys use while grinding out those ascents. Would be interesting to see the difference between something around 8-10% and one of those 20% climbs also. I don’t know if you took video of any of that. I would actually like to see a thread develop about climbing technique on the road.


Heh heh- I kinda like that photo too Nathan- sums up the whole tour. Maybe it was worth all that crazy descending and jumping off the side of the trail and stalking you and Beau for.

Scott- I took heaps of videos but they’re still on Andy’s or Bronsons computer. You could email them and ask them for it. Not many videos of 20% grades though- I tried a couple of times but became more concerned about hanging on for my life than filming.

Re: Re: More Alps Tour photos

same for me: though I made a lot of progress climbing (thanks andrew carter’s video) I just can’t climb long climbs.

I tend to have rythm problems (accelerating when steeper) and just bail out because my heart won’t stand it any more.
so interested in rythm.

other problem: I just can’t freemount with big wheels along climbs (I sometimes succeed with 20" wheels)

so would like to witness climbing and freemounting in the mountains.


Congratulations to all involved, and thanks for the great photo gallery.

Really an astounding trip, a dream uni-tour if there ever was one!

I tried a new feature at smugmug: mapping the photos. I’ve entered the lat/lon/altitude of each picture in my Alps Tour Gallery. So now each one has a “Map this” button at the upper right. Clicking these buttons takes you to a Google-Maps powered site that has a marker on the map where each photo was taken. Click on the marker to popup a small version of the photo with the caption. There’s a slideshow option too, that’s pretty cool if you first zoom in the map a couple of clicks. This stuff is pretty cool, but Google Maps doesn’t have high-res satellite photos of most of the Alps Tour route (yet). Anyway, check it out.

Thanks for the nice comments too!