Moped tubes/tires?

I have heard you can use moped tubes for trials unis. Could you also throw on a moped tire and make a kickin’ street uni? If not, what size moped tube should be used?

i doubt a moped tire would bouce enough. nor would it fit on a trials rim. the moped tube is super heavy duty and helps with folding. i should look into it as i’m big and fold a lot.

im not sure about a moped tire

(i love mopeds)…anyways

yesturday i was thinking about how people ramp dirtbikes 2 incredible hieghts and there rims dont bend and there tires dont go flat

i was thinking that a dirt bike with added bearings would make great for muni or trials

but then again i could be loony

It would be ridiculously heavy though. The 3" downhill bike tyres are heavy enough.


The reason a lot of dirtbikes don’t bend rims or have soft tyres is because they have suspension.

for a unicycle the only suspension is the tyre so I don’t think that using a dirt bike tyre would be much use.