Moped tube in my Monty

The guy at the bike shop near me didn’t have any 20x2.5 inch tubes in stock today. 6 beers later we have a 16x2.5 inch Moped tube inside my Monty. Moped tubes are measured differently then bike tubes, and the thing fits really well. We had to tape two strips of tire tape together to put in with the tube, but all went well. I didn’t do much riding on it this evening… but I’ll let everyone know how this works out. The Moped tube has a much tougher seam.

does it by chance have a threaded metal valve stem like the IRC downhill tubes?i was kind of erked when i found no thick tubes for a trails uni let alone with a metal stem.

for all you Euro’s out there that are gonna suggest a Presta valve(those things are to skinny),No i’m speaking of a threaded Schrader style valve…

Yes it does have a metal valve stem. I didn’t get much time to ride on it, but today I’m going to put an hour or so of trials on it. The tube is probably a bit heavier than my old one, but we’ll see how that works out.

Monty? as in
(for al non-euro’s .es = spain)

I’m interested to hear how this works out. I just pinch flated two tubes in my Monty In quick succession, and I’m wishing I had a tube that could take a bit more abuse. For now I’m using a higher tire pressure, but I think I could hop a bit higher with the lower pressure. Maybe I just have to get used to it.


Little update on the Moped tube… I was running it a little higher in pressure than I would a normal tube, around 30 psi. The ride on it is really nice as oppose to a normal tube. On a normal tube it felt like I was sliding around on ice when I would try to make sharp turns on it with 30 psi in the tube. The tube is definately heavier and was holding me down a bit as far as my hops went, then again this could be due to the higher pressure I was running in the tube, since I had less room to compress.
Riding one footed on it was extremely easy. I had a bit more trouble getting rubber at first with the new tube, but I quickly adapted. Doing drops on it was incredible. I took a few 2.5 ft drops on it and it felt solid. Normally my Monty tire would pinch down some to take the drop, but it was rock solid with the new tube. I jumped off a picnic table a few times and it felt like I had a completely solid tire when I landed. The landing was hard when I hit, but in a nice way. There was no compression and decompression of the tire which took away from the shock placed on the body. Tommorow I’m going to do some MUNI and I’ll let you know how it does for that.