Moose almost trampled King-MUni man


Yesterday my son Gabe and I went to our regular MUni trail and he was nearly trampled by a couple of extremely agitated Moose -and yes it did freak me out.

The first clue;
While riding on the asphalt foot path to our MUni spot, we came across a Doberman in his yard across from the woods who was being really aggressive. He/she is generally laid back when we ride by. This prompted me to stop and listen to the woods for a moment. I didn’t hear anything so we went on…

The second clue - too late;
Gabe was in front of me and went straight from the foot path onto the MUni trail and started his descent into the woods. He was about half way down the hill when I heard the sound of breaking branches and general forest mayhem. I thought it might be a bear since we found scat near by a couple weeks ago, so I started yelling at Gabe to stop! That’s when I heard a sound that was like a bunch of galloping horses. Just then two Moose, a full grown female and nearly grown calf came flying at full %#*!-ing speed out of the woods and across the trail- about 8 or10 feet in front of Gabe! A second later a pair of dogs came tearing out of the woods chasing after the moose. We got next to a good sized tree and watched these dogs darting in and out of the woods. We could hear the moose on the other side of the trail running back and fourth through woods. We walked our Uni’s down the path so we could dive behind a tree if they came running by again.

It was a really close call. Alaskan Moose can grow as large a 1,800 pounds. A full grown female is around 800-900 pounds. They usually don’t bother with people but they can and do kill people both accidentally and on purpose. A five year old on a Unicycle doesn’t stand a chance.

I did like Gabe’s immediate comment though, “Papa! You didn’t tell me there were mo-oo-oose in the woods!” I had told Gabe before that there probably weren’t any bears in the woods. He was a bit shaken for a few minutes. We left the trail and went to another place where we could MUni with a little less wildlife. :smiley:



Wow, what a story! It puts the dog stories and uni stories to shame. Keep those stories commin.

Where else can you come and get a taste of the world? It’s all here.

On the newsgroup, I have read about tasting Marmite from England and small town circus parades with unicyles. Pigs don’t have sweat glands and finally, moose running in 8 feet in front of a small 5 year old child on a MUniette.

It’s a grand world we live in… Sometimes it seems so enchanted.

Work the maze.

Scary… hope he’s not too spooked by it.

Here in Malvern I constantly run the risk of being hideously mauled by the local wildlife on the hills, which generally consists of… ummm… errr… squirrels and the occasional rabbit.

Ah, well…

Phil, just me

Certainly is interesting… everybody’s got their own geographically-determined obstacles and risks. Up in Alaska, you’ve got your Moose and Grizzly bears, while down under in Australia, there are cane toads and Mad Max.

We’ve heard about some of the human interference that unicyclers face; how about more tales of other-than-human “speed bumps”?
Any and all entities or objects that deliberately pose a threat to the unicyclist count.

here in the Pacific Northwest,we have the sasquatch .they say its a vegetarian but im not gonna stop to ask…

Many dog encounters, a couple of snake encounters. The worst was the tourist jumping in the middle of the path to take a picture of me as I was descending a hill. :astonished:

We don’t get many exciting run-ins here in Florida. We’ve had a snake on the trail. I imagine alligators and bobcats to be likely, but rare. Hogs and dears depending on location.

And you had to wonder what your parents meant when they said you were growing like a weed…