Moonlit Muni

We have a weekly bike ride on the Quantocks on Wednesday night, but due to my bike currently being out of action (unreliable, over-complicated contraptions!) I went for a pootle around on the muni instead. It was an absolutely gorgeous night; a perfectly clear sky and a full moon meant that it wasn’t actually all that dark; all of the fireroad sections could be done just by the light of the moon. At the beginning of one section of singletrack I was getting confused by the light not turning when I turned my head, until I realised that I didn’t actually have my lights on at all…

Our normal ride goes down a super-technical half-mile long section of singletrack cut through the woods, ending in a steep rocky chute down to the bottom of the combe. This is blummin’ hard on a bike, so on the muni in the dark it was fantastic fun. It’s my favourite descent on the Quantocks, but alas I only found it after the BMW back in June.

If anyone is pondering about whether to try night riding, wait for a bright, cloudless night then go try it! The darkness adds a whole new edge to the ride and the atmosphere is unbeatable.


I wonder if the Legomen operate at night…

Oooh, pretty.

I’m night riding on the way home most days now and it’s right nice at the moment with the frost making the little bit of trails I get to ride lovely. It isn’t quite the Quantocks in terms of riding though, hmmmf.


I picked up my courage to ride around a bit in the dark last night. Not out in the countryside, just around the neighbourhood. It was good fun. I couldn’t tell where the ups and downs were but I don’t think my balance (what little there is of it) is particularly influenced by my sight. Mind you, there was quite a bit of light - as you said, a full moon, also street lights and I had a very poxy head lamp on.

I was missing the 29er and it was great to ride her again. This is definately something I will do again. And maybe go a little further next time.