Monzta video


Yesterday, Pebbles and I went to Pollok Country Park in Glasgow to film some Monzta unicycle action. As soon as we got through the gates to the park, I jumped onto a patch of grass (it was just a distance jump - no height involved - and it wasn’t even a big distance) and broke my seat post. It must have been ready to go for a while. Great start to the day!

I rode around on it for a bit anyway, it was weird, kinda felt like I was in deep mud all the time the way the seat was moving under me!

We found a new bit of bike track that looks as though it might become a downhill track sometime soon. I tried the logs that were at the bottom and found that the broken seat post didn’t hamper me too much so we filmed them.

The video can be found here (I hope!)

If not, just search the gallery for “Darktom” and you’ll find it.

There isn’t much riding, just the log obstacle things, but there is nice shots of the Monzta and its LM rim. It seemed a shame to take the camera and not use it.

Once I get my new seat post on we’ll go back and make a proper length video, and see if this new track has evolved anymore.



is this it?


The link I gave works for me.

If I search for ‘darktom’ I get the link to the thread 2nd in the results lists.
If I search for ‘monzta’ it’s top of the list.

Is anyone else having trouble finding it?


DarkTom, Your first link worked fine for me.

Your first film shows exactly why I consider myself a ‘Puni’ and your riding Muni. I say ‘Puni’ because I can handle grassy hills and roots found in Parks OK. But you, your going over fallen trees, and the way you approached the rock in the middle of the movie, side stepped up it, then rolled down it. All so easily. With a broken seat yet.

I haven’t given up on my making it up to a Muni level, it’s going to take a lot of effort. You could help by not making it look so darn easy.

Nice riding, in both films.

monzta video

got it now. looks like a fun place to ride and i like you uni.:slight_smile:

Does the new gallery not let us link to the actual file?

If so, WHY? It really makes it a pain to download the videos…

The current gallery setup doesn’t allow you to save the video file. I hope Gilby is able to tweak things to make it possible to download the video files like the old gallery.
For now, here’s a way to save a movie from the gallery if you’re using Firefox.

Go to the gallery page that plays the video embedded in the browser
Tools >> Page Info
Go to the Media tab
Scroll down till you find the object with the type Embed
Highlight that item
Click the Save As… button

Thank you very much. How big is my head now!?

I have to say tho, the LM rim makes one hell of a difference to the way the Muni handles. With it’s original onza/alex rim it would get onto an obstacle and react by going in the opposite direction, like a rebound I think. It must have been cos the tyre was so wide compared to the rim. Narrow-ish at the rim, fat in the middle, slightly less fat at the tread.

With the LM rim the tyre is the same width all the way down to the rim, and the tyre pressure is much lower. When hitting obstacles it just kind of absorbs them and keeps going. So as long as I keep pedalling I make it. Usually.

I got my new seat post on, after painting over the onza logo and waiting for it to dry (it’s a monzta, not an onza!) and all is groovy again. I am off down to my folks to get their VW camper-van this weekend so will not be riding/filming at all, but I have got the van for 5 weeks so the following 5 weekends are all going to be unicycle extravaganzas:

A van that holds all my unicycles, and Pebbles’ unicycle if he wants to come, and has two (almost double sized) beds in it and cooking equipment? There’ll be no stopping me!

Where to go, where to go…