My first unicycle was a 24" Schwinn which I bought used in 1973 from a guy who
never figured out how to ride. When I bought a Pashley Muni in OCT. 1997, and a
24" Miyata Deluxe a few months later the Schwinn was hung up in the garage and
hardly ever ridden. I didn’t sell it for old time sentimental reasons, but I
figured it wouldn’t get much use.

A couple weeks a go I purchased a Monty wheel set and tire from the Unicycle
Source and rebuilt my old Schwinn to match the trials uni Dan Heaton rides in
“UniVerse.” It is a blast to ride. I bring it to our regular Boy Scout rides and
the guys have to stand in line to have a turn. It makes hopping and turning
easier for the new riders and the more experienced riders jumping off everything
they can ride the uni up onto. The best part is that my old uni is back in
action and better than ever.

All the best