Monty vs. Black Widow vs. ??

What are all of your experiences with the Monties, the Black Widows, the Doteks…and cranks in general. I have a United 24" Extra Large trainer that I have been riding for a year. All my hopping and stair climbing has bent my steel cranks. I’m also 215 pounds. I need to upgrade, but it seems like there are mixed reviews everywhere. My cranks are square taper and upgrading to splined is not an option now. I do mostly just normal riding, including curb drops and hops and the occasional staircase or two. I intend to take it offroad in the future. Any help is appreciated.

My black widows bent soon after i order them. I think this was a freak occurance, though. sounded surprised when i broke the news to them. save your money for a profile. if not, you’ll wind up breaking cotterless crank after cotterless crank. it happened to me.

or kh it’s well worth it. Then your not held back by what your unicycle can do!

Ryan Atkins would be so held back by KH cranks. He’s even sort of held back by Profiles. He’d be doing some huge drops if his cranks let him.

a kh hub is fine for the average rider, even most good riders. we’re not talking about ryan atkins

Yeah the guy’s just been using crap cranks to kh will be a big bonus, i doubt he is held back that much i mean he get’s them free from bedford i think…?

The Black Window Euro’s are not trials cranks or heavy duty cranks. They’re good for things like XC riding without jumps and drops, Coker riding, and street cruising. If you’re already bending cranks then the Black Widow’s are not for you. 215 pounds is enough to put the hurt on most cranks, especially if you’re doing jumps and drops. You’re going to need strong cranks.

It’s probably best to just stick with steel cranks for now and keep an extra pair on hand so you can replace them when they bend.

If you want to go for aluminum cranks then go for the Kooka cranks if you can still find them. may still have some Kookas and Darren Bedford might still have some too. Don’t know what sizes they would still be available in. The Kookas are the strongest alloy cranks that you’re going to find. Kooka went out of business. The only way to find them now is to go to a dealer like or Bedford that stocked up on them. When they’re gone they’re gone.

What length cranks are you looking for?