Monty vs Alex?

Looking for some opinions on these two trial rims. I’ve ridden the Monty for many miles, both horizontally and vertically, and was wondering what sort of luck people have had with the Alex rim? Getting ready to build another trials machine, trying to decide which to go with.

I hear the alex is abit lighter, but on my trials bike… I have an mid time with popped tyres with the alex!

On my trialsunicycle I used 2 jears the same monty without any problems. Now I ride the alex rim and made some big drops (about 6feet) on flat ground, there were no damage or difficulties…

Monty has one advantage, the most people who are interested in trials knows only this name and buy monty products. I think the alex rim is as good as the monty-version, but the name isn’t as big as MONTY…


I agree with foxx. Monty has been around for what 15 yrs? They know their trials. I do think they tend to lean a little more towards the light weight vs the strength side of making parts but that’s my 2 cents.
Having said that I am planning on a 20" Alex trials wheelset instead of the Monty, more so for the strength issue and I really like my 24" Alex rim.:smiley:

I find the fit on my monty rim to the tire isn’t optimal. I’ve heard people wrestling with their alex rims to get them on and off, but my monty tire literally falls off. this means it takes a long time to get it properly seated, and if you d’ont get it perfect, it’ll probably wreck your tire, or at the least unseat itself.

go for the Alex!


Any particular reason you aren’t interested in the Arrow rim?

i kind of like the look of the megamo trials rim (the one with all the holes in it)
but my monty hasn’t given me any troubleyet . i’ve had the moty for just over a year and its doing great.

Haven’t really looked into it too much. I was happy with my previous Monty rim, and was going to do an Alex for a MUni I almost built. Trying to see what people’s opinions are on the two.

I thought that alex was a much bigger name than monty? Maybe that’s because I used to be in the bmx scene. Alex is by far the biggest rim name in bmx-freestyle.