Monty Trials Unicycle...

Hey has any tried or knows if the Monty is any good?
im asking for my mate who is to buy his first unicycle this week, he can ride already and is getting good at trials.He can ride my KoxxOne Devil but cant afford one himself he has £180 to spend.

Ive heard the Onza 2004 has weak Hub and cranks is this true?
Wot Unicycle would u recommend?


Re: Monty Trials Unicycle…

The Monty has a none splined, none CrMO hub and steel cotterless cranks, the Onza have a splined CrMO hub with CrMO cranks. Totally different machine!

The Onza hubs and cranks have had a problem with the keyways but all ones currently shipping through in the UK will be sorted before they leave the warehouse.


Monty is a quite well known brand and their unicycle has an impressively large tyre.

Onza cranks must be good, Kris Holm is now using them on his 2005 range of unicycles.