Monty Trials uni and freestyle uni for sale.

Well I am in the process of slimming down my uni quiver. Here’s what is up for grabs:

Monty Trials Uni:
Yuni Frame
Monty wheel
Monty tire - 20 x 2.5
Suzue Hub
3 bolt seat post clamp
KH seat - these bolts don’t spin (upgraded carriage bolts)
Wellgo B 37 pin pedals
127mm steel cranks
$300 Cdn or $200 US

Freestyle 24 inch uni:
Sem XL frame
Sem wheel and hub
Maxxis tire
KH seat
140mm steel crank
add your own pedals
$175 Cdn or $132 US

Buyer selects and pays shipping.

Give me a PM if you have questions or are interested.



*the sound of Andrea (one of Erin’s riding partners) passing out from shock


How is the freestyle for MUni?

That freestyle is a great commuter uni - given the nice knobby Maxxis tire and for smooth trails it is fine too but for real MUni the wheel set is too light and the hub not strong enough.

…that said, it is a good deal for a reliable ride-around-town uni


…anybody else interesed? :smiley:

…going once,
…going twice,



How quickly are you looking to get rid of the Monty. I need to come up with the cash. Thanks, Beener

Got one interested party for the Monty but if he doesn’t come through I’m happy to wait for whoever wants to save up for it… no screaming hurry really.


Hey do you have any pics of that trials monty?

Dude, this thread’s from 2003.

at least he used the search function. lol

Lol, that’s true.

And it wasn’t even in the Trading Post…

There was no Trading Forum in 2003 :roll_eyes:

lol i find this funny how is this thread so old :thinking: :thinking:

Its not that old.

The internet has been around longer than 2003, people have been unicycling before 2003, and those people have been connected and talking to each other before 2003.

I don’t see how all of that makes this any less old… In the context of an Internet forum which is about recent topics this is old.

Nothing is old if you compare it to the cosmos.

lol i know but its the oldest thread i have seen on here so far :stuck_out_tongue:

Its not old because threads made I 1995 are old. This is in the middle of the forums lifeline. Not old. Maybe in 5 years.

No pics but I’ve got that very Monty Trials hanging in my garage.