Monty tire to rim fit

I have a fairly new Monty tire and rimed unicycle. when i first purchased it, the tire seemed to wander alot on the rim. then the problem went away for a while, but now it’s back and i c’ant even get it to stay on and hop a few times before it unseats itself.
i was wondering if anyone else has this problem, or also might have some solutions. Anything would be greatly appreciated as my the unicycle is unridable as of now :frowning:

Thank you very much much for you help, any suggestions, at all, would be great. (it’s a monty tire with the white line and monty rim)


What pressure do you run your tire at?

I have the same stet up and I have yet to have a problem with it.


I run around 25 psi. This is just rough though, i have a friend who runs 18psi and another who runs 27 psi, so i d’ont know why my tire is the only one that has this problem :frowning: thanks,


Is it coming off the side or slipping around on the rim? My Monty tire was slipping off the side for a while. Rotating it seems to have solved the problem. Its still not a perfect fit, though. The psi is around 25.

Check here for what some other people said to my mention of this problem.


I’ve never had this problem with my Monty. You may want to try a bit higher tire pressure maybe around 30 to 35 psi. Also when reseating the tire pump the tube up so it just fills out the tire then go around the wheel making sure the bead of the tire is properly hooked onto the rim. I know from my tire it is pretty loose on the rim so this step is important.


i tried many solutions, such as glue-ing the tire on the bead, but finally one worked. I put tape all around the rim, on the bead, hoping to make it a tighter fit. I d’ont know how long this will last. I think my main problem is that a little section of rubber right underneath the bead has come off, and this is what is causing the tire to come off (it always unseats at the same place:( , which is alot)

I was wondering, has anyone else tried this? how long do you think it will last? is this a good solution?

thanks for the input,


i think you have a defective tyre or rim.i would bet its the tyre before it would be the rim.


Ive had this problem on my trials bike. My solution was to pump up the tyre just enough to hold its shape, then pull the bead out around all the tyre making sure the whole tyre was even on each side. then pumping it up more.

Its different for each person. I know people who ride with 12psi in their monty tyre (trials bike) and dont flat cause their technique is so smooth. you just have to get used to tyre roll.

Unicycles though have so much more sideways movement than trials bikes, so a bit more pressure is required.

Thanks Jaguar, I think it is my tire that is was defected. I think i will try to get some kind of a deal on a new tire. Has anyone else had this problem and gotten a deal through monty (or someone else?) I think this will be the best solution. but untill that happens, the tape will have to hold :smiley: I d’ont really have the money to buy a new tire right now, so i’m going to have to figure something out. Any suggestions would be appreciated.