Monty tire/rim

i have recently got a monty unicycle and i’m finding that on some rides the tire gets pushed around on the rim(also monty) enough that it rubs the sides of the frame:( . is the monty tire/rim not a tight enough fit? does this happen to anyone else? if so, what do you do to prevent it? i’m positive the wheel is true, but the tire isn’t.
Thanks for your help,

if you have a Yuni frame?then maybe one leg is shorter than the other like some others…or do you mean that your tire is unseating itself off the rim?

maybe your tire is warped.more details needed here.

my tire just get’s pushed around on the rim and starts to rub. i d’ont think there’s anything wrong with the tire. Can tires even get warped?? thanks

im guessing that by your tire "getting pushed around on the rim"as you say,is just your frame flexing to the left and right then.

What frame are you using?

What pressure are you using? It may be too low. Are you hitting the rim on cornered obstacles? Is the tire folding over when you hop on slanted surfaces? If so, add a few pounds at a time until that stops. I bet then your tire will stop moving around enough to hit the frame.

I have a bedford frame.
the tire does fold over when i gap far and hop on slant and land 4+ foot drops a bit crooked. i’ll try adding some air, thanks for the advice.