monty tire fit (Alex vs. Monty rims)

I light of my recent problems regarding my monty tire coming off the rim, i was wondering if the fit of the tire to rim is tighter on the alex rims, than the monty? whenever i have removed a monty tire from a monty rim, it has just slipped on and off (very unusual) the fit on my Gazz tire (actually all tires i’ve removed) has been much much tighter. i’m thinking that this factor could have increased this problem, so i’m looking into the Alex rims. Anyone with experience on both rims, please either mesure the rims, or tell me from experience of removing and replacing the tire, was the a noticable differance in both? or is it simply that all monty tire are loose?

i’ve rambled on for long enough now, Goodnight and thanks,


i’ve read your past posts on this subject and i feel your pain.I have never used a Monty before but i can tell you the Alex rim holds my Monty tire tyre on like none other.i have broken many tire levers trying to rotate my tyre and had to buy some medal ones that i use now.

it goes on without to much trouble but i always think about using the neighbors Rotweiler dog jaws when its time fix a flat or rotate it.

im telling you that its a real s.o.b. but thats only half of it,usally when you get one side of the bead off your home free but with this tyre/rim combo both beads are a major job.but it never comes off while riding never ever ever ever. this may be what you need.

peace out…