Monty Race 19" tyre (*NEW*)

I’m speaking to Roger directly in my second post on this page when I refer with his name, and am sorry if it seemed I was making having a go personally in my first post at the top of the page. To make it very clear, that’s not the case. It’s the product I don’t agree with, even if I happen to respect the man at the top whose brand made it. One thing that I would’ve like to have said if I was talking to Roger directly in my first post on this page is that I really do respect when people go out to visit factories and sit down with the guys who do the manual work. That can’t be taken away and that’s one of the reasons why I definitely don’t have a problem with Roger as a guy.


Thank you for your kind comments and your explanation. I also understand your miss-understanding thinking that the Cyko-lite was not a Nimbus and hence a product that I worked on with the manufactures. I guess it is not clear at all. One positive note I will take from this debate is that we need to show more of what we have actually done on projects.

I do not think it is the best tyre on the market by any means; although it is definately a move forward on what we had and is also a reaction to what is happening in the market.

The cost of Butile has gone through the roof and the cost of tyres has dramatically gone up and on a unicycle that affects the cost disproportionally. The company that we work with (along with most of the trials bike companies) have developed a method of producing tyres with less butile and hence making them lighter. They are at the forefront of the industry. I wish they could have taken on our new 36" tyre, but their bolsters are not big enough!


I think the nimbus blizzards were the same as echo tyres right? The cyco lite is probably the first decent step to getting out own unicycle tyre

I don’t think that Echo produced a white version. We did not work on the tyre structure on it at all, our discussion on it’s development was to produce a white tyre to help with disappearance of the white try-all tyre at that time. So if there was a white version of the Echo, then yes I would guess it was the same.


I am still in for a monty tire!

How do you know they haven’t got a completely new carcass and compound based on what you’ve seen? As far as I can tell you’re basing your opinion on the fact it uses the same mould as the existing Echo tyre (something Roger has happily admitted to), resulting in the same tread - however that tells you pretty much nothing about the other important attributes. Admittedly I’m a complete unicycle newbie (and never likely to use a trials tyre on a bicycle), but ISTM the tread pattern on a trials tyre is pretty unimportant for what most unicyclists use them for. In fact I’d go so far as to suggest that for the vast majority of use I’ve seen of trials tyres a slick would provide better grip.

It’s probably best to keep the politics out of the review and product promotion cuz it detracts from the product. There will always be products that look and feel like another product because, wait for it…there is no such thing as reinventing the wheel :smiley:

I applaud anyone who cares enough about unicycling to put together unicycle specific products or adapt bike products for unicycle use. We are a very small community, there’s not a lot of money in our sport, so every little bit counts.

Tires are probably the most complicated and most expensive components to manufacture, between molds and materials. There is no mystery to me as to why my most recent tire purchase, a Hans Dampf 29 x 2.35 cost a whopping $90!

That reminds me, but OT for this thread…

Just to make it clear, I’m not just a guy who rides trials bikes who happens to post on here. I started unicycling in 2006, as another way to enjoy trials- through a friend (Joe) who was beginning to establish himself as one of the best trials riders in the unicycling scene. Between us, we tried out A LOT of different tyres on our unicycles and my bike, everything from the oldest foamy-feeling Montys to rares like the Echo White Stripes. I also asked him to be one of two test riders (the other being Isaac LeMasters) for the then-new Triton Sponge frames that I designed in the 06/07 period. Though I took a long break from unicycling and the scene since, I’ve still seen unicyclists around different parts of the UK and Europe on a random basis when unicycling wasn’t even on my mind- which would gave me fond memories of when I rode unis on a day-to-day basis! Thus I’ve had the opportunity to hold the Cyko-Lite in my hands, bounced around on a new starter’s unicycle and can make my own comparisons to what I vividly remember from all the previous tyres I’ve owned/used. The Cyko-Lite (to me at least) felt the same as the light batches of Echo tyres- i.e. thinner and flexier sidewalls, same tread pattern a given just by looking, but also the interior of the carcass and how it feels when you squish it with your fingers, when I was giving a hand repairing a puncture. Whilst I openly admit I’m not a fan of the Cyko-Lite partly because I’m not a fan of the Echo tyres, I’m not condemning anyone by any means to try use them. It’s not my choice, it’s theirs’! :slight_smile: Everything I say is just my opinion based on experience and comparison, and it’s by no means compulsory for people to take in- that’d just be silly! :wink: take what you will from what I share, and ignore what you want. I don’t mind. :slight_smile:

Two factors above all that contribute to a 19" tyre’s grip- the compound and how the treads are arranged. Softer doesn’t mean grippier (like the oldest Montys which felt more foamy than sticky), and you can get harder feeling compounds that are stickier, if that makes sense? The more cluttered a tread pattern- like the old Luna, oldest Montys, and the Echo/Cyko-Lite the less grippy especially on off-camber surfaces and natural trials.- These however work better/more suited for street/flat riding than trials. Completely slick isn’t advisable for pure trials but for street/flatland it tends to offer better and more stable grip on dry, flat concrete.- because of relatively larger surface-area of slick tyres touching the ground when rolling. Same reason why street and park BMXs are slick but dirt and race use treads. Uneven surfaces need tread if you want grip.

What Monty’s done here with its new Race tyre isn’t completely ‘new’, in that for years already a lot of bike and uni riders have cut every other side tread off their tyres to achieve these things: more ‘wiggle room’ for the remaining side tread to grip on moves like sidehops, when jumping on jagged rocks, and to shed weight. This new Monty Race has basically just done that job for us and also has a completely revised carcass altogether from the similar Eagle Claw.

When you mention that trials tyres’ tread pattern may be unimportant for what unicyclists use it for, I could agree for street/flat riding (then again, BMX tread patterns would probably be more ideal than borrowing from trials tyres) but that is a different ball park to actual trials riding where tread pattern can make a huge difference to how a tyre grips. For example the Try-All’s triangular and pointy treads are crazily efficient at keeping you stuck on when riding along a round rail even if hanging on by the side treads quite literally. When you get to a certain level of mastery of techniques in uni trials (and bike) riding the tyre can completely change the feel of how you bounce and grip, it’s very noticeable- hence I would refuse to ride with certain tyres for safety reasons as well as performance, but at the same time have my backups and most preferred tyres.

Hope that clears up some confusion :slight_smile:

What do you mean Mike?

I have a spare try-all and because its the greatest trials tire i have ever ridden.

Right I gave one of these a stab and here are my thoughts, I am a novice in trials so keep that in mind :stuck_out_tongue:

My tyre was 800g dead over my 1000g creepy tyre mounted with no effort or tools with the side walls feeling abit plasicy and thin compared to the creepy which hasn’t the thickest ones itself.

Tread is shallower and far sparser but felt grippy.

Bounce felt fine but even I could feel the thinner sidewalls as the tyre felt less stable and at my normal pressure I got more foldover.

For me the issue that killed it for me was no matter what the pressure it was so round in profile that it tramlined on bumps and side slopes just riding round the corner to the industrial estate I ride in was a chore with lots of effort to keep the uni straight (even on the flat it was an issue).

I am now back on my creepy which was like putting on your old worn favourite shoes :stuck_out_tongue:

this maybe a perfect tyre for bike trials or I may suck (I do lol) but that was my experience.

I really liked this tyre and felt the only downside is the minimal tread and the round profile. I didnt have any issues riding it. I changed back to monty eagleclaw because atm i want to improve my overall trials and it feels safer doing tech lines with the square shape. I still might use the race in the future though. It definately gave an extra boost for sidehops and gaps.

Glad I am not the only one to find it a bit round, had no issue with jumping it etc it just rode really badly and required to much correction to keep it straight.

Went out just now for a bit of night trials and it felt so good having my old slippers on :stuck_out_tongue:

I just got one today. The round profile is perfect for me. Part of the reason I cut the knobs off my try-all is because I had worn the middle down and made the damn thing too square.

It turns really easily, which is nice for the freestyle and flatland stuff I practice. I like the bounce. It’s actually bouncier than my try-all sticky was. The side walls are thinner, but I’m light, so this hasn’t been a problem for me so far.

I like it. It’s definitely an upgrade.

I persevered with it and find it fine now, the weight difference is very noticeable :slight_smile:

@feisty can you take a picture of it on your onza rim?