Monty or Onza MOD tires

i need to buy a new Mod trials tire soon and ive heard from two people now that the Onza is better but in what way?

i have been using the Monty with good success except for how fast it wheres down :angry: Both tires are made in China.

is one fatter than the other?

the monty is fractional fatter, the diference is millimeters

the moulding is much better on the onza,

put an onza and a monty side by side and you’ll see the diference in workmanship.

just because the monty was the original mod tyre doesent mean its any better…

however i havent seen the newer whiteline tyres up close, aparently there a bit lighter because they only have a single wall, which means you can’t run them at such low pressure for fear of pinch flats.

i have seen a monty that had a fat bump where it bowed out slightly and made the wheel look out of true, we checked with the old pencil held on the frame trick, and to our amazement it was the tyre.

how long did your monty last?, i’ve had an onza since january and its nearing retirement.

the white line tire is the one ive been using,its been about 4 months and its almost toast.thats not every day riding either and its only ever about 2 hours a day so it seems to have a very low durometer.

im hoping the Onza tire is available w/out the unicycle attached.i’d really like to try it.looks like the tread is about the same too.

were you saying that the white line Monty is lighter than the old version or that its lighter than the Onza?

lighter that the original monty

i don’t know howthey compare to the onza as far a weight goes, there reveiws on
which is a great site by the way.

yes Neil’s site is great and its changing too.i hope he comes back to posting here soon.

ah shucks Jagur… you’re too kind :wink:

I’m a Monty man! have to confess. I’ve tried the Onza and the experience wasn’t to my liking. The Onza has a rounder profile than the Monty and proved just to darn weird to ride for me. Turning (the leaning variety) was sketchy and just generally felt odd. But then I’m used to riding a Monty so it’s likely down to that…

I think the newer white lined Monty tyres are a slightly softer compound (durometer) so that means more grip (the flatter profile helps here too as a bit more rubber contacts the riding surface) but it wears out faster. They’re a compromise between the thin walled and all black versions and work pretty well for my riding. Sadly, I think the all black version is no more. It was the best of the bunch IMHO.

The moulding on all the Monties I’ve had so far (around 5 or so) has been fine - no problems there.

I guess it’s down to rider preference but the Monty wins it for me.


^thanx for that neil^

hey Bruce you copy? :slight_smile: how are your kids Monty tires doing?you had said somthing about them wearing out faster than the ones previous.

I have a white line from June its been doing ok, thats not to say its not visably worn, but its by no means bald. I ride frequently arround 1.5 2 miles to class and back on it, and I do alot of trials stuff when I can. I have had to rotate 3 times now but I rotate before one side is bald.

I am really happy with my monty tire, but I would be willing to give an Onza a shot. As long as I can get em for arround the same price, I cant afford UK shipping prices for an extra month out of a tire.

Thanx Chex…

yoopers… :thinking: do you copy?