"Monty" for Sale

To expand my ever-decreasing unicycle budget, I’ve decided to sell one of my
unicycles. It’s a 20x2.5 custom trials uni, 140mm cranks, carbon seat, etc. For
details, see http://www.uidaho.edu/~reed8990/s


Chris Reeder

Re: Some MUni pictures …

Carl Hoyer wrote:

> I’ve posted a few MUni pictures from a November ride in Toronto …
> Unfortunately, they’re all of me … of course that will change once the NUC
> rolls around. http://thebush.cab7.com/unicycle/photo2.html
> Just a friendly reminder about the 2001 NUC:
> http://torontounicyclists.tripod.com/tnucmain.htm
> The Trials event will be held on Friday the 20th of July in conjunction with
> the track events at York university.
> The MUni competition will be on Saturday the 21st of July in the morning
> …<snip>

You know I can get very confused some times… I thought I knew where York
University was and it is no where near Toronto! In fact they have a very good
one day juggling convention on 27th January which has lot of unicycling at. Have
a look at http://www.chocfest.york.ac.uk/

I also know where Toronto… about 10 miles south west of Durham. :slight_smile:

Nice pages by the way…