Monty Eagle Claw or Try-All

I’m gonna need a new tire soon because mine has about 20% of tread left.

I’m looking for one with 90%+ tread.

Help me out?

get one New…

don’t think it will cost you much more and it has 100% of the tread left

Yeah, just buy a new one. has Try-All’s for $49. has Eagle Claw’s for $60.


MEC $45 CAD from HBtrials

Yeah, HBtrials is a good option, but when I e-mailed them in the summer, they weren’t in stock, and didn’t think they would be getting any until the next they order a lot of Monty stuff.

They could have I guess in that time, but I think Émile e-mailed them the other month, and were out of stock.

But from Baia Bros, that’s $60 CAD, so $48 USD which is still quite good.

I would recommend the Monty Eagle Claw over the Try-All though.