Monty Eagle Claw 20 x 2.6

Hello everyone,

I am thinking of selling my Monty Eagle Claw 20 x 2.6 tire. I bought it for my unicycle in the fall time, because I was really into trials, but since then I’ve kind of gotten more into street and flatland, so I’d like to sell it.

I bought it from Baia Bros in British Columbia … $60 CAD + shipping. They shipped it with Greyhound for whatever reason, which I will never agree to again, and it ended up costing $40 for shipping. So it cost me $100 for this tire. Something I’m not too happy about.

Anyways, it’s really good condition, not even close to having a bald spot any where. I’m not going ask for a price, you just give your best offer, and we’ll go from there.


I would buy it but I just put a new Try-All on.

hey oh. Isaac. I get payed saturday and i think i will snag it. if its still here. in the mean time you should throw up a picture.