Monty dimensions...

I was wondering about the dimensions of the 20x2,5 Monty tire. Could someone measure it pretty much precisely? So what I’m looking for is the diameter and what is the width? I want to know if it will fit my old 20" frame. And I know that it requires the special rim.

from memory Monty tyres are either 68mm or 72mm wide. They won’t fit in most standard Taiwan-made frames, unless you get out your hammer and start flattening the fork blades!


I just yanked mine outa the closet. The width measured 6cm exactly…this was the fattest part of the tire, not where it meets the rim, right? Tony’s estimate seems a little high.

I’m not sure what you mean by diameter. If you can explain it to me, I would be happy to measure it for you. :slight_smile:

Diameter: Measure it like this:

Seems like it would fit my cheap taiwanese frame without hammering. It’s about 69 mm wide.

So diameter would be the same as the width in this case?
The widest part of the tire measured 6cm exactly. It sounds like it should fit your frame.

If i still have this diameter thing mixed up, i think i need some serious help. :roll_eyes:

It might just be that I need a bit more English lessons.
Maybe this one will help you:

hey joona. Its me that needs the english lesson! I’m sorry, i got it now.

The diameter that i got was 513mm. I measured it a few times to make sure it was accurate. The problem is that my tire is VERY BALD (no knobbies left)! So you might want to add a centimeter or so to that to make it a new tire.

diameter: ~520-525mm

Can anyone supply joona with a more accurate measurement?

Thanks. Might be a too tight fit. I’m not sure if it would fit. It might just have about 0,5-1 cm free space.

I’ll sell you my bald tire! haha

If its easy to do, just pick up a yuni frame. But im sure you already know this.

take it easy. -erik

I was just curious about this 'cause I wanted to know if I could just by a rim, spokes and tire.

has exact dimensions for many things…

It says 20" there. But I somehow believe it would be a little bit bigger because mango allready said that his tire is almost bald and it’s still 513mm. And that’s 5 mm more than 20". And I don’t know how big the knobbies are.