Montreal Unicyclists?

I’ll be visiting Montreal for my first time next week (May 21-22), so I’m wondering who comprises the Montreal uni community these days. I don’t think I’ll have the luxury of bring my wheel on the trip, but would still be interested in meeting up if anyone is interested. Let me know!

Theres a club in montreal called monotreal, they have their own website and forum, you should post there :

There’s no club in montréal, though if you go you’ll find a unicyclist community. The forum is in french, but you should still be able to find your way through it. If not, use google translate.

By the way, you can post in english if you have no knowledge in french, but keep in mind that if you post in french, even if it’s not that good it will be greatly apreciated :wink:

Merci. That’s very helpful. Now if you could only help me with the error that comes up when I try to register for the forum:

“Your client has issued a malformed or illegal request.”

Malformed? Illegal? What kind of monocycle community is this? :wink:

No idea, I PMed you though


Bumping this thread up, 'cause I just moved to Montreal :slight_smile: Gonna check out the monotreal site too (even though I speak French like an American ;))

I might be heading to Montreal soon.

Awesome guys ! Most of us speak English too (like Frogs though…), so come and say hi on our forum.

Where about are you located in Montreal Nick ?

Right now I’m located everywhere :wink: I’m staying with family and friends, just started a new job and am looking for a place to live… I don’t even have my unicycle with me yet! :’(