Montreal unicycling?

Hey! I’m in montreal for the next two weeks, to go to the JAQ convention and see the new cirque du soleil show and hang out with friends. Is there any kind of uni meet in this city that I could drop by? Or does anyone want to go for a Coker ride? I flew up with three unicycles for the convention and I’m also mid-training for the MUT tour this summer, so I’m itching to get out :slight_smile:

I’d love to get together with any local unicyclists!

If you are going to be in Montreal on a Sunday, I highly suggest going to Mt. Royal for the Tam-Tams. The Tams are the big drum circle…hundreds of people banging away on their hand drums-it’s an awesome time. Beyond the drumming, many of the local acrobats, jugglers, and circus(cirque) type folk hang out right next to the tams. All very nice people, and I’ve seen some unis around…I think you’d be in good company. While you are there check out the “battles” right up the hill-a hundred or more people beating each other with foam covered swords is not to be missed. Mt. Royal is a fun time. If you are bored at night check out St. louis park right on St. Dennis…there may be no one there, but when there is it’s a pretty fun time…lots of freaky folks that are very nice. If you just wander around Montreal, you find the coolest, oddest things. You’ll have a great time!


We have a unicyclist community in Montreal. If you understand french take a look at

I would really love to go for a coker ride… add me on MSN or send me an email to . There is also another coker rider. Depending on the weather, there is ride tomorow.

Can’t wait to ride with you !

Hey Flyer,

If you’re already in Mtl, -> coker ride sunday morning with some of us.

I’m in montreal now actually, I just went for a ride in your crazy downtown streets with my friend on a bike. Great way to see the city!

Where will you guys be meeting tomorrow morning? I’d absolutely love to go on a coker ride with you guys. I’ll also be at the Tam Tam tomorrow since all my friends juggle (as do I).

Oh thats good news !

We will be meeting at the parc Ahunstic right beside the subway station Henri-Bourassa( Orange line ) at 10H AM. To be more precise, we will be at the terminus henri bourassa Sud ( terminus for the bus ).

here is a link to a map:

I send you a PM.