Montreal Ride - Street

Hey guys, I went to Montreal last weekend to ride lots of street with a few :).

Here’s the result!

I forgot to add Hugo in the credits :frowning:

I hope you guys enjoy it. :slight_smile:


That was insane! I can’t believe you landed 900s already! And you made the tripleflip look so easy!

Sweeeet love it

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Haha I can’t really believe it either :stuck_out_tongue:

Great riding and vid…Love the grinds, well done!!!

Love it guys! Tristan’s style is soooo dope, BEAUTIFUL 7 and flip-grind by Edmund, and fulloutdub up the small ledge by Max and the 900 :open_mouth:

Yeah dude wtf 900 xD… I can’t do them without prehopping… I need tips T.T

Edit: Antoine is tall now!


Is this a joke ? As in Tristan’s style looks similar to Antoine’s ? Or you really thought it was him ?

Antoine really is tall now, but not that much. He’s on the 24 now, but he slowed down with his riding due to a back injury.

It was such a nice ride, perfect temperature too. Max, you are simply getting sick. I still can’t believe how consistant you are with your treyovers, triples, 720’s, fullout doubles…

Thanks for the edit !

OMG I thought it was Antoine xDDDDD The lateflip was very nice.

Thanks a lot guys!

Tristan’s style is like, IDENTICAL to Antoine’s, I love it.

It really was a perfect ride :slight_smile:

Hugo, I love you! hahaha <3

Oh and Chris, for the 900, just throw hard? Haha I found them pretty simple :stuck_out_tongue:

So sick. Miss you guys from NAUCC! Max great 9 and triple, Edmund so clean, Hugo you cease to amaze me, I like Tristan’s style i wanna see more of that kid!

Tristan pledged allegiance to Antoine when he started riding. I think that the original is better than the copy, at least in this case!

I so sad I missed this… damn work :frowning:

I think it has to do with their height (actually that’s what I find). I think it’s harder for a tall rider to have that type of style. I’m not trying to say that Tristan doesn’t have a nice style though…

…whatever, good vid !

Love both their styles

Thanks man!!!

agreed :slight_smile: