montreal here i come!

i’m going to montreal next month on the 21st and i’ll be there untill november.

are there any unicyclists there that might want to meet up and do some trials rides before the snow comes?

i ride trials and freestyle, and i’m also a juggler (clubs/contact)

is there anybody out there?

Oliver Paugam (sp?) is from Montreal. He was at the North American convention in Toronto. He does some trials and he also has a 20" DM Ringmaster Advanced. Someone in the Tornoto Unicyclists should know his contact info.

Here is a gallery of him playing in the snow.


if anybody else knows of anybody in montreal then feel free to pass on my email address <>

i’lll also be in neumunster in germany (near hamburg) later this month on my way to the european juggling convention but i’ve already got some contacts there. still the more the merrier!

also i might make it to toronto at some point, when do you torronto folks meet up?

The Toronto Unicyclists meet every Thursday night outdoors in a school yard. All the info is available here:

If you want to go for a muni or trials ride then thats no problem either. You can either talk to myself, Jeff Groves or Ryan Atkins we’re always out riding somewhere.

See ya,

fantastic, i’lll be sure to pop allong whenever i’m in torronto.
do you guys have an indoor practice space ?

Yes, come mid September the club goes back inside to shelter us from the quickly approaching harsh Canadian winter. :slight_smile:

We could also come to you and ride in Quebec. There are a number of good muni/trials spots.


now that would be fantastic!

i’ll keep in touch with everbody via the forum.