Montebello Climb

I’ve done many muni climbs, but this is my first real road climb on my coker.

Montebello Road, in Cupertino CA, USA.
5.3 miles paved climbing: 2020 feet paved

I didn’t time myself, but the car clock said after 4pm at the base and my cell phone said 4:46 when I called my bro at the top. I made it all the way without coming off. Coming down took almost as long because it was so steep for a lot of it, I don’t have breaks, and I didn’t want to blow out my knees. I need breaks.

Good job. Is the grade constant, or are there flats, downs and/or steeps on the way up?

Dirk, that’s a great time for that climb. You should try out the Low Key Hill climb series which goes in the Fall. They start with MonteBello, and then vary the rest of them. I’ve done a few of the climbs on my Coker but always thought Montebello was too steep for me.

Here’s the link to the 2007 climbs:


Nice job! What size cranks?

The profile can be seen here, I believe. (Pick Montebello in the drop down menu.) Looks pretty steady and steep. Good job.

Phlegm, thanks for the Montebello profile. I rode with you Sunday last year at Muni 2007. You had the 29". I was the new guy trying to ride the crazy downhills you were doing. I thought 29" was a little odd, but I just ordered the new KH29 with Schlumpf (still waiting) and now understand the versatility on the 29er.

Steveyo - It’s roughly first third steep, middle third gradual with some flat, last third a hell of a lot steeper on uni than I remember on my road bike.

Snash - I have yet to do any organized distance rides on my coker. But I’m looking forward to it.

Muni Addict - 150mm. Since I mainly ride fast single track on my coker, I prefer the longer cranks for control reasons. With the shorter cranks I can’t over come the momentum as well as I want to. Plus, I can go plenty fast enough to hurt myself. As much as I would like to, I really don’t need to go any faster.