Mont 24hr 2013

Ok, this is probably a dumb idea but is anyone down under interested in putting together a team of 4 or 6 for the Mont next year (23-24 March in Canberra)? I know a few of you have done it before on uni’s (TomTom, Mark?, Rob?, Matt?) but I am not sure if that was as a uni team or just on your own? I am not even sure if they would let us enter a uni only team. Anyhow entries open next week (7th Nov) and sell out fast so let me know if your interested and Ill follow up with the organisers.

(Just for the record I am not super fast like Napalm and others but Ill get around OK on my 29er. Maybe if we have enough interest we could have a fast team and more relaxed team as well?)


Jamie, Ash and myself are entered into the 24 hour enduro in Sydney early next month as a team. I want to see how I go in that before thinking about another one.
But I’m certainly interested.

Ok, so I’m but of a Mont veterine on a b$ke. I think I’ve done it 7 times now. Last year was the first time I’ve tried a lap with a uni. Did half a lap before retiring because my heart rate got over 200bpm… Anyhoo, that was on a 24", I’ve now gotten a 29er and am keen for another try. I was on a team with b$kers as well. Has anyone contacted self propelled to see if they’re ok with a uni team? I think I’d prefer a team of 6

PS Just found this in the archives

Looks like some folk tried to have a shot at it in 2005 and got knocked back by the race organisers. There are a few other high profile races (such as the jet blak which Rob and co are doing) allowing unis now, maybe they might have a different approach now?

I emailed the organisers and just got this email back:

Hi Tim

I’ve seen uni-cyclists riding the Karapoti Classic and the BC Bike Race.
As long as you do not impede other riders I am happy to have you at our event.


That sounds like an invitation :slight_smile:

Quite the opposite response when I emailed them 5yrs ago. Guess they saw what we’re capable of at Karapoti.

Wish I would have seen this post awhile ago as I would have been interested. Let’s get a couple teams together for next year and maybe they will create a separate unicycle category for us.

Definitely Jamey.
It’s a really good weekend.
Great atmosphere.