Monster unis - really cool, but any good?

So, I was browsing (again) and noticed this:

It has a 20x4.25 (yep!) tyre… Huge monster wheel!

It looks really cool, also looks like it could be quite fun to ride. But is this sort of setup actually good for anything other than looking cool? Does anyone have one? If so, what’s it like and what do you use it for?


It’s just a novelty. You can’t really use it for anything special, that you can’t do on a normal uni. It looks pretty cool though.

if i had one i wouldnt do tricks on it it would be more of a show uni then a practical one

it seems like it might be easier to learn freestyle tricks on it… but im no expert.

it would be a bastard getting replacement parts for:D

It’ll probably ride pretty well in sand.

I remember that someone got one and they didn’t really like it, they wanted to trade for another unicycle a little bit after they got it.

i think Tony Melton’s got one… i rode it at the 2005 NZUni weekend and it was pretty fun… easy to wheel walk with but really heavy! On Tonys movie “street as” its got a scene where he does a small grind on it…

thats cooool

hmm, i seem to remember seeing a mod trials uni kin of like that but the tire wasn’t quite as big. the cranks and hub made up for it thoguh

I tried one at Harvy’s. Both the seat and tire were too low. The wheel is really heavy and it was difficult to turn on asphalt.

Great novelty uni, not convinced on practicality. If its still there I’ll try it again.

I bet its good for balancing!

They look cool, but are horrible to ride. That tyre just isn’t designed to go round corners.

They’d be cool to have if you wanted a good looking wheel to perform on, as long as your performance was something that didn’t involve much unicycling skill, like juggling on a unicycle or something. Other than that, you just wouldn’t want one.


I rode one this past Saturday, and yes its all about the look. In fact the lady that bought it did so because it was red. I could feel the rim flex when I did small bounces and figured a hop could be fatal since I weigh 185 (never seen spokes spaced so far apart), and it doesn’t turn well. The sad part is she is just getting back into riding and she hit a small bump and faceplanted with 5 stitches in her lip and a chipped tooth as a result. She even admits rolling resistance might have helped cause the problem.

i have one for riding on the beach

No you don’t

like the reviews above-- not practical.

  1. doesn’t have a splined hub
  2. doesn’t corner well
  3. heavy

I tried one for a few munetes at the lbs, looks cool, but isn’t worth buying.

:roll_eyes: Sure…