Monster Uni: Post Your Fat Uni Here !

Hi everybody,

we all enjoy the “Post Your <something> Here !” threads that make some nice galleries. There was a new category of unicycles that are rising now: the Fat unis.

The equipment is improving with years and it is easy to buy one on UDC :slight_smile:

So let’s digg old pics or make new one and build another fine pics thread :smiley:

Let’s start with the first Fat frame from Surly :wink:

Here is the details of this short lived build:

  • Surly Conundrum frame (26")
  • Surly Endomorph 26x3.7
  • Duro DH tube
  • Surly Large Marge DH (26")
  • KH blue ISIS Moment hub
  • Sinz 145mm cranks
  • Snafu aluminium pedals
  • Aluninium QR clamp
  • 28.2 BMX seatpost
  • KH rail adapter
  • K1 Muni saddle

And to finish initiating this thread, here is an alternate to the build:

  • Origin8 Devist8or 26x4.0
  • KH Muni saddle

Let’s hope Aracer posts pics of his fat build soon :wink:

This will probably be my favorite thread for a while. :slight_smile: Pics to come.

That saddle looks paintfull :astonished:

I meant painfull:o

Does that Surly frame have clearance for a disc break?


Here is a lovely shot of my Fat Uni Crew. :smiley:

Creek crossing on my Nimbus Oregon.

It’s my monster! :slight_smile:

The RIM vs KH’s rim

oooh, a smooth fat tyre, cool! how does that roll? :slight_smile:

Josh getting massive air on his Oregon:

How is that tire?? I’ve always been curious. What do you use it for?

:thinking: I don’t have a fat build - where did you get the idea that I do, or are you confusing me with somebody else?

The tire roll on the road quietly and gently, as if you go on the cloud but handling of unicycle monstrously falls because of the huge tire contact patch.

For muni! :smiley: This tire has got me from the previous owner. I want to buy Surly Nate in the future.

Sorry Aracer, my keyboard didn’t had his coffee and typed your name instead of Arrover :wink: :smiley:

Wow! Did he land that jump? :astonished:

Yes, but not when I took that picture (you can see his left foot is off the pedal, he’s in the process of bailing). Josh (Tulberg, not Schoolcraft) is getting some ridiculous air on downhill-facing ramps. (Well, Josh Schoolcraft may be, too, but as far as I know he’s still running a 3" tire).

BOING time!

Finally saw fat tires.

I kept reading about the fat tires and seeing the pictures. I’ve been like Yeah, they look a bit bigger but not all that impressive honestly.

Today I’m walking through our Walmart and a 26" Mongoose bicycle with 4" wide tires is sitting there. HOLY CRAP, THEY ARE HUGE !

The pictures on here don’t do justice in showing just how big these things are. You need to take shots with items next to them for comparison. Put a beer/soda can or something so people who haven’t seen one in real life can see just how big they are.

I didn’t really care before, but now I think I need to get one.