monster roll-out

i just measured my new 29er wheel roll-out,with the Moto-Rapter it measures to 89 inches!

Hey jagur,

Did you do your roll-out while seated on the uni?? I just did mine un-seated and came up with 91 inches every time. I’m using the WTB Nano Raptor on mine.


ah…trick question eh? i dont have a frame to mount on the wheel yet :wink:

i rolled it out with only 20 or 30 lbs in the tyre to simulate the weight of a rider,or so i thought…maybe my line was a little wobbly. i go do it again.

The difference between the two is probably about right, if i understand WTB’s sizing system correctly…the motoraptor has a casing width of 49mm, while the nanoraptor is 52mm.


okay,i did it again.

i pumped the tyre up to 65psi this time and got 90 inches so it sounds like the Nano is slightly bigger.

learn somthing new every day i guess.

good eye Chuck.

What is a rollout? I must have missed something, is that the effective circumference of the tire when ridden?

Btw, I was thinking about this the other day. Couldn’t you get the same reading by sitting on the uni and measuring the distance from the ground to the axle center, then multiply by 6.28?

roll out is how many inches the wheel travels forward in one rotation.

i start with the valve stem on the bottom,then roll the wheel all the way around 360 degrees.then measure the distance between the two chalk marks.

if you have a taylor style measuring tape you can just wrap it around the wheel too.